How it Works

Sending money is just as easy as before. In fact we’ve made it even more transparent. Our redesign unclutters – so you can keep focused on the things that really matter.

  • Pick the amount you want to send and where to.
  • See what your money looks like at the other end - without any hidden fees and charges.
  • Understand what this means in savings- compare us to the biggest players in the market
  • Pay What You Want* - we’ll recommend a fee to cover costs, but for the first time you can pay us whatever you like!
  • Done this before? Just login. If you haven’t, registration only takes a few seconds. Or you can get going even faster with Facebook or Gmail login.
  • Tell us how you want to pay and the currency you want to send. Enter your recipient’s details. If you’ve sent money to them before, just pull up their details - we’ve held onto them for you.
  • Pay What You Want*. Check what you've just saved and take a moment to think about what that means; not just for you, but others like you and those that still get away with charging rates you now no longer have to pay. Pay us a fee that reflects what this is worth.
  • Make your payment. Please note that some fees may apply if you pay by card, depending on the type of card and the country you are paying from, as per Payment Services Regulations 2017 (SI 2017/252). You will be able to see the fees on our website before you confirm your payment.
  • Share in our ambitions! Contribute to change the system (everything goes straight back into the pot so we can keep this going for longer). Spread to word to create a win-win economy.
  • You can keep an eye on it from your dashboard. Need us to help with something ? Contact us!


*PWYW applies to transfers up to £2000 per annum or equivalent in your sending currency.
*PWYW applies to transfers up to £4000 per annum or equivalent in the sending currency for business clients.