How to send money to Nigeria in a cost-saving way

If you are interested in sending money to Nigeria you have to be very cautious before processing the transaction. International payments are expensive, but some banks charge exceptionally high fees for remitting money to another currency. The market price evolves out of offer and demand. If banks aren't very active in a country and it is more difficult for them to transfer money there it can happen that fees are even higher than expected. Sometimes it is also necessary to transfer money to an intermediary bank to reach a country which can lead to additional expenses for the customer. Are you planning to spend some time in Nigeria and want to transfer money to the country for your holidays, you want to send money to your family in Nigeria or do you have any other reason to send money to the country in the south of the Sahara. So it is very important to check the best offers when sending money to Nigeria.

Why should I choose Xendpay?

Xendpay has many advantages compared to other competitors in the market of international payments. The first one are the fees that were mentioned above. Compared to banks or other companies like Westernunion the fees of Xendpay (e.g. 3,99 GBP for a payment from the UK) are infinitesimally low. Xendpay also covers the unexpected costs of intermediary banks when they should occur. You can find more information about our "No-surprises-guarantee" hereAnother cost-saving aspect of using Xendpay is that you will be able to buy foreign currencies to much better conditions than in case you transfer money via a bank as our exchange rates are very attractive.

On top of that it is incredibly easy to send money with Xendpay to Nigeria. You don't have to wait for the opening hours of a bank, but can transfer money to Nigeria 24/7. Our online-platform is accessible at every point of time and you just have to enter your data, requirements and the account details of your recipient to fulfill a payment.

Regarding the safety of their personal information and their money customers of Xendpay don't have to be worried. Authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Xendpay protects its customers as well as possible. The money we receive for international payments is held in a Clients Account at the Barclays Bank.

So register now and use the great service of Xendpay!