How to send money to Morocco

Xendpay is offering you the fastest and easiest solution. Xendpay is the online specialist for money transfer to Morocco.Follow our advices and make your next transfer to Morocco.

Use an online service to send money to Morocco

There are several ways to transfer currency in Morocco. You can do a wire a transfer via your bank or a finance company specialized in money transfers. But with the development of the Internet, transferring money via an online payment platform has experienced a strong growth and Xendpay has become a worldwide recognized specialist.The fastest way today to send money to your family or friends in Morocco is to use an online transfer service. With Xendpay, the registration is simple, fast and free. 

Xendpay, an online platform with a quick and easy use

At any time you can log in and make money transfers to Morocco via our platform available 24/7. Just a few clicks; select the amount you want to send, the recipient and your payment method (wire transfer or via debit/credit card) and your transfer is ready to go. The recipient will receive the funds within 2 working days.

Pay attention to exchange and transfer rates when you are not using an online money service

The money transfer operators (banks and currency exchange offices) take a commission for any remittances in Morocco. These charges may vary. It can be a fixed amount, this is the case of most banks or it can be a percentage of the amount sent to Morocco. These costs are rather applied by exchange offices, which are between 10% and 15% of the amount sent.Xendpay applies one the best competitive exchange rate on the market and transfer fees fit the needs of our customers. Do not hesitate to visit our page to compare our rates.There are several payment methods to send money to Morocco. Money transfers can be done as you wish, by bank transfer or by credit/debit card. But the bank transfer is the cheapest way.

Send money to a bank account

Prefer money transfers from one account to another. This solution is cheaper and more secure. The beneficiary will not have to move, the money is transferred directly into their account. However, do not send your money to a point of withdrawal, this service is charged and is often less convenient.  Xendpay guarantees the protection of your personal data. We are authorized by the FSA which is responsible for implementing the European Directive on the regulations ‘harmonization concerning payment institutions within the European Union. And we are also recognized by the Bank of France. So, you can safely perform money transfers to Morocco. It is fast and reliable.

Beware of extra charges

When you make a money transfer to Morocco, it is possible that intermediary banks charge you fees. Opt for an institution that ensures reimbursement of these unexpected expenses. Xendpay guarantees the refund of these costs through our "no surprises" guarantee. Click on the link to see the terms and conditions of this warranty.

Open an account today for your next transfer to Morocco.

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