Xendpay's new CZK UniCredit bank account in Prague makes sending money cheaper and quicker

We are pleased to announce that we have now opened a CZK bank account with UniCredit Bank in Prague, the Czech Republic. This Czech koruna bank account will be great for people transferring money to or from the Czech Republic as it will ensure that the money that they transfer is always received quickly and that the recipient gets the full amount that they transferred.


Bank name: UniCredit Bank
Address:   Želetavská 1525/1, 140 00 Prague 4
Phone number:


Website: http://www.unicreditbank.cz/en/contacts.html 
  IBAN code:


Banks often charge a fee for processing international money transfers and they deduct the fee from the money you are transferring, so the recipient does not get the full balance of the transfer. 

Thanks to Xendpay's new CZK UniCredit Bank account your recipient can receive the full amount that you transfer. If you transfer your money through our UniCredit Bank account, you will be able to avoid the excessive transfer fee imposed by many banks as our transfer fees are really low.

What's more, sending money via our new Czech koruna bank account could see your money being received much faster. In some cases people are not receiving their money for a number of days as their bank are not responding to the payment fast enough, or they are holding the funds for inspection as it is an international payment.

When you are transferring money with Xendpay to the Czech Republic, your transfer will now be made via our UniCredit Bank account in Prague, which will enable your money to be received much faster as the bank will respond to your payment promptly and then the funds will be transferred to the recipient's bank account as a domestic transfer instead of an international transfer, so the payment will not have to be investigated.

Transfer money now via our UniCredit Bank in Prague