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Easy Overseas Payments

My family receive the money I send on time and the transfer is cheap with low fees and no hidden charges.

Send Money to USA


How will the money be delivered in United States?

We can pay direct to any bank account in United States.

Same working day* delivery
If you complete the payment online before 12:00(UK), 11:00(CET)

Next working day* delivery
If you complete the payment online after 12:00(UK), 11:00(CET)

* Does not apply to weekends or bank holidays

How do I pay for my money transfer?

You can pay by;



Send money to USA

If you need to send money to the USA, Xendpay offers competitive rates and a first class service.

Whether you need a telegraphic transfer or a wire transfer to top up a bank account, making international money transfers needn’t be complicated with modern technology.

There are plenty of options out there when you need to wire money abroad, but with Xendpay you know that you’re making a choice that requires no queues, no paperwork and no hassle. Xendpay has a global presence, offering worldwide money transfer services and support in multiple languages with our headquarters situated in the City of London, UK.

The US is an undeniably friendly country to spend time in, so sending money to the US for friends and family will always be money well spent. Anyone who regularly provides living expenses or has mortgage fees to handle from overseas can be guaranteed a secure, reliable service from Xendpay when transferring funds to the US.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) monitors and regulates all transactions.

For further information about how Xendpay works, you can read more about the process here.

Transfer money to the USA now!

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No surprises guarantee

We will refund the deduction by an Intermediary Bank in full. The refund will be our customer, the sender, in their sending currency.

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  • Authorised by the FCA
  • SWIFT member (RFXLGB2L)
  • Your funds held at Barclays Bank
  • Trusted by thousands of customers
  • Over $2 Billion transfered
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