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Easy Overseas Payments

With Xendpay, I can pay my bills back home simply, cheaply and fast

Send Money to Poland


How will the money be delivered in Poland?

We can pay direct to any bank account in Poland.

Same working day* delivery
If you complete the payment online before 12:00(UK), 11:00(CET)

Next working day* delivery
If you complete the payment online after 12:00(UK), 11:00(CET)

* Does not apply to weekends or bank holidays

How do I pay for my money transfer?

You can pay by;


Is Xendpay safe?

  • Our Group has safely delivered over £2 Billion / €2.2B / $3B in international payments over the last 8 years for over 50,000 customers

  • Xendpay is protected by the latest Verisign web security and 100% of our transfers are made by an Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Authorised Payments Institution


Send money to Poland

If you need to send money to Poland, Xendpay makes it simple.

We have created the Xendpay money transfer platform to reduce the risks of paying cash to agents and reduce the transfer cost that you will incur with banks, money sending bureaus and FX brokers when you send money abroad.

Xendpay is part of a leading provider of international money transfer services which has transferred over $4billion since its inception in 2005, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands. Whenever you transfer money, whether it’s through a high street bank or another type of electronic funds transfer, it’s important to know your money is secure. With Xendpay, sending cash back to family members couldn’t be easier or more reliable.

When you need to send money from Poland to the UK (or if you are in the UK and wish to send money from the UK to Poland), Xendpay has a proven track record of satisfied customers. So whatever your reason for sending money abroad, we make everything easier. No queues, no paperwork, no surprises.

All transactions are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
For further information about Xendpay, find some more details about how the process works.

Transfer money to Poland cheaply!

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No surprises guarantee

We will refund the deduction by an Intermediary Bank in full. The refund will be our customer, the sender, in their sending currency.

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  • Authorised by the FCA
  • SWIFT member (RFXLGB2L)
  • Your funds held at Barclays Bank
  • Trusted by thousands of customers
  • Over $2 Billion transfered
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