About Us

Xendpay is owned and operated by the Rational Group, which includes RationalFX who are authorised by a UK Government Agency (the Financial Conduct Authority) as a Payments Institution. RationalFX has transferred well over $4Billion worldwide and is one of the world’s fastest growing privately owned Financial Services businesses.

Xendpay was created as an online money transfer web site to reduce the risks of paying cash to agents and reduce the transfer cost that you will incur with banks, money sending bureau's and FX brokers.

Xendpay has a global presence, offering worldwide money transfer services and support in multiple languages with our headquarters situated in the City of London, UK.

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Xendpay Key Facts

  • Established 2005, Privately held, debt-free and profitable
  • Authorised by FCA (UK Govt. official body) as a payments institution
  • Over $4 Billion money transfers to date
  • Member of SWIFT (RFXLGB2L)
  • Offices in United Kingdom and France
  • Web sites and customer services in multiple languages